Bay Area tax services to put your mind at ease

How to make tax season less taxing

The answer is simple: Make Suzanne Halladay your SF Bay Area tax professional. Then you can focus on running your business instead of trying to keep up with complex and ever-changing tax laws.

Suzanne consults with you year ’round to help keep you on track. So when tax time rolls around, you’re not on overwhelm. She’ll show you how sound tax planning and a modicum of organization can save you time and money.

Tax Services and more

As an affiliate of Blackline Partners LLC Suzanne can provide additional services including business development, risk management, HR, marketing, technology and admin services to help your business grow.

Tax Audit Representation

In the event of a tax audit, you can remain at your desk working while Suzanne Halladay, your Enrolled Agent*, confidently and competently represents you before the IRS. Remember Suzanne’s mantra: never go to a tax audit alone!

How she works

Suzanne offers a free 20-minute consultation to determine if she’s a good fit for you. This can be in her San Rafael office or on the phone.

Once you become a client, she reviews your entire financial picture and offers tax-saving tips you may not be aware of. She prepares and files all types of tax documents including personal 1040’s, corporate, partnership, estate and gift tax returns.

If you’re considering setting up an LLC, corporation or partnership Suzanne can look at the tax ramifications of each scenario and help you make the right choice. And, she has a network of Bay Area attorneys and financial advisers should you need a referral for those services.

Relocating? No need to find a new tax service. Suzanne works successfully with clients in any locale.

Some client success stories

Got income taxes? Get Suzanne

*An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a tax professional who is licensed by the federal government to represent taxpayers before the IRS.