What clients are saying…

Imagine my shock when I got a letter from the IRS telling me I owed more than $12,000 in additional taxes! I immediately called Suzanne and she calmly set about helping to prove them wrong.  She told me just what type of documentation I needed to provide, and together we rounded up all information they were asking for.  In the end they agreed I owed nothing! Suzanne worked diligently on this over the course of four months. I couldn’t be more grateful.

 J.B. -  Marin County


Suzanne is one of those exceptional tax advisers who takes the frustration and the fright out of tax time. She held my financial hand through some tough divorce times, dispensing invaluable advice along the way.  Her support has helped put me back on track.  She’s a pleasure to work with!

Katharine D. – San Anselmo

April  can be excruciating for many people, yet I actually look forward to tax time and going to Suzanne’s office.  I think she is a guru and a wise counselor disguised as someone who does my taxes.

Belle M. – San Rafael

As a single parent and educator, managing all aspects of my finances is of the utmost importance to me.  I have worked with Suzanne for the past 5 years and deeply respect and appreciate her knowledge.  Suzanne is constant; she is available throughout the year when I have questions. I trust her advice and found her to be a tremendous support when I started my own successful business last year.

Kathy C. – Benicia

My wife and I were referred to Suzanne about 6 years ago for her tax preparation services.  Our taxes were complicated by retirement company stock and an inheritance of a family estate. Our return was much better than we anticipated and all done electronically with very fast results and refunds.  We highly recommend Suzanne for her professionalism, and she’s always in good spirits!

Robert & Joanie V. – Mill Valley

I was referred to Suzanne by a CPA who felt she would be a perfect fit for us, and she is. Suzanne is available year ’round, unlike those firms who close the day after taxes are due.  She is very easy to communicate with and is always willing to explain and answer any questions one may have. Suzanne also is an extremely pleasant person who makes dealing with “money things” as painless as possible!

Sharon G. – San Rafael 

As a police officer, my time is precious. So when it comes to that dreaded tax season there’s only one person to go see. The Tax Diva. It’s easy to find an accountant who will do the paperwork, but when you go to Suzanne, it’s the whole package.  She’s fair, intelligent, sweet, and most of all, she alleviates the stress that all of us face. She’s the Nordstroms of taxes. For my money, there’s no one better than Suzanne.

Rich J. – Pacifica

If anyone can make tax season less taxing, it’s Suzanne Halladay. She’s organized, efficient, and really knows her stuff! When I first started working with Suzanne she gave me a choice…would I rather pay the IRS or myself?  That was a no-brainer!  She advised me to open a SEP-IRA and each year she tells me how much to deposit by the deadline in order to reduce my tax bill. She even follows up with me to make sure I stay on track. I highly recommend that you make Suzanne Halladay your tax professional.

Lanny Udell – Marketing Communications, San Rafael

When looking for an accountant one assumes that efficiency comes with the job description. Suzanne Halladay is totally efficient and quite suited for all the basics of the job, but if you are looking for a tax professional with infinite patience and what appears to be no judgment regarding math deficiencies, sloppy handwriting, funky record keeping, and dyslexia, you have come to the right place. Not only does Suzanne take good care of me, she does it all with good humor.

Holly Stiel – Thank You Very Much, Inc., Mill Valley